Faith-Based Courses

Wise Communications is pleased to offer several new courses developed by Dr. Eric Burnham for the substance use disorder counseling community from a faith-based perspective!

There is a fair amount of overlap between your experiences as a Christ follower and your impact as a treatment counselor. It is ours and Dr. Burnham’s belief that Christ is the cornerstone of life and that there is no legitimate separation between who you are as a person and what you do as a counselor. Our hope is that these courses help you build a more solid counseling structure upon the word of God.

Please note that unlike other Wise Communications home-studies, these courses encompass the information and questions in one document, available either electronically for your computer or mailed out hardcopy.

Emotional Intelligence: A Biblical Foundation for SUD Counselors, 14 hours
Communication in Substance Use Disorder Counseling: A Christian View, 10 hours
Counselor Wellness from a Biblical Perspective, 6 hours

(This page is still under construction. You can find detailed information on these courses under the Course listing.)