The Beaten Path: Recovery Strategies – 8 Hours


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This course, based on the book, The Beaten Path by Larry Maule, Jr, looks at various aspects of addiction and treatment from the recovery perspective, not only from the viewpoint of a counselor, but also from someone in recovery since 1984. It will familiarize those new to the addiction field to recovery strategy terms and concepts necessary to help clients on a path of recovery.

Hours: 8

-What is Addiction? – The Difference Between Abuse & Dependence – Addiction as a Primary Condition – Different Forms of Alcoholism? – Blackouts – Is the Development of Addiction Preventable? – Addicts are Often Very Talented People – Synergistic Effect – Drugs of Choice – Gateway Drugs – Over-the-Counter Gateway Drugs – Can Prescription Narcotics be Safe for the Recovering Person – Chemical and Behavioral Addictions – Criminal Behavior and Addictions – Switched Addictions – Co-occurring Disorders/Dual-Diagnosis – Psychiatric Disorders

-What is Recovery and Treatment? – Gratitude and Self-Pity – Replacing Addiction with a Positive Lifestyle – Exercise and Recovery – Restoration of Civil Rights – What is a Dry Drunk? – Becoming Institutionalized – Can Jail Help the Recovery Cause? – Habilitation vs. Rehabilitation – What is Someone Has and Addiction, But Won’t Admin it or Get Help? – Denial – The Grief Process and Recovery – Interventions – Can Treatment be Effective for Someone Who is Forced to Face it? – Dealing with Cravings and Urges to Use – Determining Appropriate Treatment or Recovery Needs – Chemical Dependency and the Elderly – Treating Adolescents or Youth – Types of Treatment Centers and Recovery Programs Available – Twelve Step Programs: Some are AA, NA, CA OA, and SLA – unmanageable. – AVART/Rational Recovery – SMART Recovery – Moderation Management – Outpatient Programs – Medical Detox Programs – Short-Term Residential Programs – Halfway House Programs – Therapeutic Communities – Methadone Programs – Antabuse – Religious Based Programs – How to Choose a Treatment Program – How Credible are Program Success Statistics

-Relapse and Relapse Prevention – What is Relapse and Relapse Prevention – How Common is Relapse? – Is Relapse Part of Recovery? – Reservations can lead to Relapse – What should be done if Relapse Occurs After Treatment or a Recovery Effort? – Developing a Relapse Prevention Plan – Locating Treatment Centers and Recovery Programs

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